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Professional Land Surveyors, Cape Town, South Africa

Stephen Old Land Surveyors are Professional Land Surveyors based in Cape Town, South Africa. Our area of focus is Cape Town
and the Western Cape, but we do land survey and related work throughout South Africa and Africa. We are registered with the
South African Council for Professional and Technical Surveyors (PLATO). We are also registered sectional title practicioners.
Our services include the following:

  • Professional Land Surveyor - Subdivisions of Land, Cadastral Surveys and Township Layouts

  • Sectional Title Surveys - Sectionalising Residential or Commercial Blocks or Cluster Housing

  • Topographical Surveys - Topo & Tache Surveys of Vacant Land or As Builts & Contour Plans

  • Land Surveyors Certificates (LSC) & Beacon Relocations

  • GIS Consultants and GIS Data Capture

  • Town Planning - Subdivision and Rezoning Applications, Land Use Consultants

    Email: -- Office 27-21-5917485 --Mobile 072-620-1058

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    Professional Land Surveyors, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
    Land Surveyor Certificates (LSC), Sectional Title, Town Planning, Subdivision, GIS, Topograghical Survey, Contour Plan