Sectional Title refers to the cutting up of a building or group of buildings into sections which can each then be sold off and have its own title. Typically a block of flats would be sectionalized into its units, which would each then have its individual owner. Another common example is a commercial block being sectionalized into offices. Existing blocks can be sectionalized as well as new developments.


Sectional title surveys can only be done by Professional Land Surveyors and Architects who registered sectional title practitioners. Certain aspects of sectional title surveys can only be done by Professional Land Surveyors. The Land Surveyor would physically measure the as built units. He would then prepare draft sectional plans and submit them to the Surveyor General for approval. A conveyancing attorney would then be able to open the sectional title register and begin transferring the units from the developer to individual owners.


In order for a building to be sectionalized, it must be built in accordance with approved building plans, not be in conflict with the zoning scheme and not be in conflict with title deed conditions. Certain jurisdictions allow houses with granny flats to be sectionalized, but others do not.




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